Diversification of Bonds | Red Bean Dreams

Here on the CSP , we try to feature articles and post from around the internets that we find fascinating. Check out this great write-up by Beauty Jackson from her blog Red Bean Dreams!

The year is 1981.  My four year-old self had just watched Superman kick Zod’s entire ass and it was glorious.  In 1981, Superman was THE superhero movie to see.  It had action, conflict and even romance.  The Christopher Reeve helmed Superman franchise went strong for nine years.  Of course, by the end, it had lost a bit of it’s luster.  (I still haven’t seen all of A Quest for Peace.  I actually act like that movie and Christopher Reeve’s death never happened, as nature intended.) As the fervor for Superman waned, we were reintroduced to Batman.  And not our parents’ Batman either.  There was a darkness that was missing from the campy Adam West era.

Then DC Comics just stopped giving a damn.

Of course your first argument is Batman as we know him today.  What Christopher Nolan has done for the Batman franchise is unparallelled.  I’ll be the first to say that The Dark Knight trilogy thus far has been more than I could ever imagined for any movie, comic book adaptation notwithstanding.  I fully expect him to outdo himself in Dark Knight Rises.  Fully.  I would be shocked if I left that movie disappointed, and I am a person who typically expects the third movie to be a complete turd sandwich.  But this is a rare hit in a series of misses.  DC just can NOT hit the mark when it comes to comic book movies…

Read the rest at Diversification of Bonds | Red Bean Dreams.

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