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Destroy the Foundation: Episode 8 liner notes – Major + forgotten fighters

The first "Hadouken" fireball in arcade history was a necessity to defeat brawler Mike in the original Street Fighter

Hey everyone, the Cold Slither Podcast crew here with the first of many blog posts dedicated to taking our listeners even more behind the scenes of our show. We tend to drop several references and such throughout the show but sometimes there’s just not enough time to get into the detail behind them. So what better way to get our listeners up to speed on them than with some liner notes?

About the title of this series, “Destroy the Foundation” refers to a saying by Torch of the Dreadnoks biker gang aligned with Cobra in the GI Joe cartoon. During an old episode of G.I. Joe called “Countdown for Zartan” the Dreadnoks were training new recruits to Cobra, showing them how to use certain tactics to be destructive. Torch sees a recruit trying to take down a wall with a blowtorch, but he is pointing the flames at the top of the wall. Torch gives the green Cobra recruit the lesson of a lifetime with the following sage advice which we can all use today – (check the video below around the 1:23 mark):

“Destroy the foundation, and the rest comes tumbling down!”

With that, let’s get into some things we discussed during Episode 8, “Cold Slither: Alpha”

In this episode, we reminisced on fighting games. All of us on the show agree that there are three major fighting game franchises/families which have established and revolutionized the genre.
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