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Recut movie trailers are soooo good! [Classick Cinema/The League]

This week’s assignment from the League: It’s soooo good.

I love movie trailers. In fact, other than old cartoons, pro wrestling vids, chiptune remixes and videogame commentaries, movie trailers happen to be my most-watched genre on YouTube. Thanks to the creativity of several users with way more time on their hands than you or I have, I’ve been entertained over and over by recut movie trailers. These crazy kids remastered classics and recent hits alike so that what you thought was just old is now new again. The Dark Knight as a romantic comedy? Done! Full Metal Jacket as an inspiring feel-good movie? Yes, Drill Sergeant!

Here are a few recut movie trailers that I think you’ll enjoy:

Groundhog Day as a Horror Thriller

Mrs. Doubtfire, The Horror Version (thanks to MeisterShake)

Mary Poppins Recut as a Thriller

Brokeback to the Future

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Classick Cinema: Dreamscape (1984-A-Thon)

1984_blogathonThe following is a submission for 1984-A-Thon, a week-long blogging event celebrating greatest movie year ever, hosted Forgotten Films.

For more on the 1984-a-thon, visit their site at


Dreamscape_lgDreamscape (PG-13) is a sci-fi horror cult thriller which stars Dennis Quaid (Innerspace, Footloose, Frequency, Any Given Sunday), Kate Capshaw (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Space Camp, The Quick and the Dead) and legendary actors Max von Sydow (Flash Gordon, Never Say Never Again, Dune, Minority Report, Star Wars Episode VII) and Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, The Insider, Inside Man, Beginners). It was directed by Joseph Ruben, who went on to direct Sleeping With the Enemy, The Good Son, Money Train and The Forgotten.

The premise of Dreamscape is very similar to later reality-bending movies like Disney’s TRON and The Matrix, however I found this movie to be a more direct inspiration for later dream-traversing thrillers such as The Cell and of course Inception.

Two government scientists working  on an experiment recruit a gifted psychic to enter the subconscious minds of patients troubled by ominous dreams.

- Netlix summary

Dreamscape was one of the first movies to receive the newly created PG-13 rating and was released in theaters on August, 15 1984– just five days after the hit action thriller Red Dawn.


Willie from Temple of Doom is in this!


Plummer and von Sydow. Acting legends of stage and screen, side-by-side.

Capshaw and von Sydow play the government scientists Jane DeVries and Dr. Paul Novotny, respectively. Quaid plays Alex Gardner the gifted psychic whom the scientists recruit. He once worked with Dr. Novotny at age 19 and is begrudgingly blackmailed back in almost a decade later. Plummer gives a chilling performance as Bob Blair, the government official who provides funding for the experiments and is apparently very well connected.


David Patrick Kelly can’t help but play the villain.


This film also features other notable names like David Patrick Kelly, who some may know from is role as the long-haired bottle-clinking gang leader from The Warriors. In Dreamscape, Kelly plays Tommy Ray Glatman, another gifted psychic at the facility who sees Alex as a rival. Norm from Cheers, actor George Wendt, is also in this movie, playing horror fiction novelist Charlie Prince, who is secretly investigating the experiments from afar for his next book, yet knows a lot more than meets the eye.


Are those the Twin Towers back there? Too soon!

Dreamscape opens with a nightmare scene that involves a running woman who is vaporized by a nuclear holocaust. It is revealed to be a nightmare of The President of the United States, an underlying plot that becomes the major endgame for the story. This movie has a mix of real world scenes and various dream sequences involving death and destruction, zombies, monstrous nightmares, infidelity, romance and murder.

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The KLIQ Nation’s Comic Book Chronicles joins the CSPN

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network…

The Cold Slither Podcast Network (CSPN) is proud to introduce to our listeners a brand new show joining our lineup… The KLIQ Nation’s Comic Book Chronicles.

Hosted by Cold Slither Podcast co-founder TimDogg98, the Comic Book Chronicles is a weekly group discussion of news, reviews and opinions in the world of comic books. Please join us in welcoming them to the CSPN!


What a week in comic book news it’s been! With one more week before San Diego Comic-Con the publishers are letting the news fly. Marvel announced new takes on Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, Valiant Comics announced The Valiant, and the October 2014 solicits were released.

We also give our KLIQ’s of the Week, so make sure to tune in and enjoy the show.

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Bring back… Inhumanoids (The League)

This post is another late submission to The League of Extraordinary Bloggers– you can consider this one extra credit, if you must…

Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today.
(topic courtesy of Big J over at Nerd Rage Against the Machine)

With the giant monsters vs. mechs movie Pacific Rim on the horizon, now’s a good time for Hasbro to bring back The Evil That Lies Within…



In the style of other Hasbro lines G.I. Joe and Transformers, Inhumanoids was both an animated series and toy line that debuted in 1986. The show was also produced by Sunbow/Marvel and animated by Japan’s Toei Animation. A group of human scientists known as Earth Corps are formed to battle three subterranean monsters, collectively known as the Inhumanoids, who suddenly appear.

The Inhumanoids consisted of three main monsters:

Metlar who resides in the Earth’s core and is able to spit balls of flaming lava.

D’Compose is an undead dinosaur that can corrupt flesh and create zombie-fied monsters out of humans. He has a rib cage in his chest that swings open to trap humans and yells out his name… a lot!

Tendril was my favorite of the monsters– a walking mass of seaweed laden with vine-like tentacles who can regenerate limbs when they are cut, similar to a Hydra. Read the rest of this entry

Slither Sounds: Classick reviews Prince’s “Batman” soundtrack (1989)


This month, 24 years ago, Warner Brothers released what was a highly anticipated, long awaited film that captured the caped crusader on the silver screen in an epic fashion similar to what was done for Superman in 1978 and has been done countless times ever since. Batman was THE movie of 1989 and ushered in the future of comic book superhero cinema.

As an artist in Warner Brothers’ stable, Prince was tapped as the choice to perform the soundtrack for the movie. No, not just a couple of songs on the soundtrack, THE ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK! This was huge, but the genius behind Purple Rain, Controversy, 1999, Lovesexy, and much more (Sheila E., Vanity, Apollonia anyone?) seemed like the right man for the job. Was he?

PRINCE batman

Because today’s Prince Day and in honor of one of my personal favorite Prince albums, let’s do a Classick review of the Batman soundtrack! My rating system will range from 1 Bat Signal (Terrible) to 5 Bat Signals (Perfection). If you agree/disagree or just don’t care, comment below.

The Future

This played in the background of the Gotham city alley just before the two crooks mug the unsuspecting family, reminiscent of when Bruce Wayne’s parents were robbed and killed. Very subtle and somber funk tune that tells us how rough it is in Gotham City at the outset of the movie and the hope that things will change.
In the chorus, Prince refrains

I’ve seen the future and it will be, I’ve seen the future and it works. If there’s life after, we will see, So you can’t go like a jerk.

"What Are You?" "I'm what happened to Johnny Gobs!"

“What Are You?” “I’m what happened to Johnny Gobs!”

With various synths and guitar riffs, this is a nice background jam that comes right off a Prince B-side. You can tell this was done for Prince and just thrown into this album. Right at the end, we get a clip from the movie of Jack Napier/The Joker (played by Jack Nicholson) saying “Think about the future!”

Classick rating: 3 Bat Signals

batsignal1989 batsignal1989 batsignal1989

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