Bring back… Inhumanoids (The League)


This post is another late submission to The League of Extraordinary Bloggers– you can consider this one extra credit, if you must…

Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today.
(topic courtesy of Big J over at Nerd Rage Against the Machine)

With the giant monsters vs. mechs movie Pacific Rim on the horizon, now’s a good time for Hasbro to bring back The Evil That Lies Within…



In the style of other Hasbro lines G.I. Joe and Transformers, Inhumanoids was both an animated series and toy line that debuted in 1986. The show was also produced by Sunbow/Marvel and animated by Japan’s Toei Animation. A group of human scientists known as Earth Corps are formed to battle three subterranean monsters, collectively known as the Inhumanoids, who suddenly appear.

The Inhumanoids consisted of three main monsters:

Metlar who resides in the Earth’s core and is able to spit balls of flaming lava.

D’Compose is an undead dinosaur that can corrupt flesh and create zombie-fied monsters out of humans. He has a rib cage in his chest that swings open to trap humans and yells out his name… a lot!

Tendril was my favorite of the monsters– a walking mass of seaweed laden with vine-like tentacles who can regenerate limbs when they are cut, similar to a Hydra. Continue reading

Slither Sounds: Classick reviews Prince’s “Batman” soundtrack (1989)



This month, 24 years ago, Warner Brothers released what was a highly anticipated, long awaited film that captured the caped crusader on the silver screen in an epic fashion similar to what was done for Superman in 1978 and has been done countless times ever since. Batman was THE movie of 1989 and ushered in the future of comic book superhero cinema.

As an artist in Warner Brothers’ stable, Prince was tapped as the choice to perform the soundtrack for the movie. No, not just a couple of songs on the soundtrack, THE ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK! This was huge, but the genius behind Purple Rain, Controversy, 1999, Lovesexy, and much more (Sheila E., Vanity, Apollonia anyone?) seemed like the right man for the job. Was he?

PRINCE batman

Because today’s Prince Day and in honor of one of my personal favorite Prince albums, let’s do a Classick review of the Batman soundtrack! My rating system will range from 1 Bat Signal (Terrible) to 5 Bat Signals (Perfection). If you agree/disagree or just don’t care, comment below.

The Future

This played in the background of the Gotham city alley just before the two crooks mug the unsuspecting family, reminiscent of when Bruce Wayne’s parents were robbed and killed. Very subtle and somber funk tune that tells us how rough it is in Gotham City at the outset of the movie and the hope that things will change.
In the chorus, Prince refrains

I’ve seen the future and it will be, I’ve seen the future and it works. If there’s life after, we will see, So you can’t go like a jerk.

"What Are You?" "I'm what happened to Johnny Gobs!"

“What Are You?” “I’m what happened to Johnny Gobs!”

With various synths and guitar riffs, this is a nice background jam that comes right off a Prince B-side. You can tell this was done for Prince and just thrown into this album. Right at the end, we get a clip from the movie of Jack Napier/The Joker (played by Jack Nicholson) saying “Think about the future!”

Classick rating: 3 Bat Signals

batsignal1989 batsignal1989 batsignal1989

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Episode 50: C.S.P. Retaliation + BONUS: The crew watches “Cold Slither”


It’s the long-awaited 50th episode of The Cold Slither Podcast! Thank you to our listeners, supporters and contributors!

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Classick Cinema: Six reasons to go and see G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Editor’s note: This preview/spoiler-free review was intended to drop prior to seeing the film, but having an opportunity to see it early, I took it and will have more thoughts coming on our next podcast (CSP EPISODE 50!). If there are any spoiler elements or plot reveals, I have tried to omit or conceal them, but apologize in advance if you get spoiled. Grow up, it’s just a movie!


In 2009, just a couple of years after Hasbro put Transformers on live-action film, G.I. Joe finally made it to the big screen. To say it was long-awaited was an understatement… grown adults were excited to finally see a toy, comic book and cartoon franchise from our childhood finally hit the silver screen. What we got was The Rise of Cobra, one of the worst adaptations ever and more reason to think that Hollywood was purposely seeking to sabotage anything we enjoyed as children. Right after we were treated to The Eiffel Tower being corrupted by green slime and the slow progression of JGL from Duke’s girlfriend’s brother to Cobra Commander, a sequel was announced.

Originally set to release in 2012, G.I. Joe: Retaliation was announced with only some of the cast from the first film returning, a slew of additional characters and cast and new writers. All under the guiding hand of a new director who pretty much guaranteed a better movie. The Rock! Bruce Willis! The Rza! Inspectah Deck! (kidding). All set for June, right? Nope, not even a month sooner, Paramount pulled the plug on the film’s release, announcing a delay in order to convert to 3D and increase marketing in international markets (by the way… screw you, foreigners!).

So… after the same amount of time it takes to carry and deliver an infant, we finally get the long-awaited, long-delayed and much maligned G.I. Joe: Retaliation to hit theaters. Why go see this movie? I’ll tell you why…

1. Better title, better plot, and… Cobra wins!

I had several problems with G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, from Cobra Commander’s origin to how Duke as linked to The Baroness and much in between, but the one thing that got under my skin more than everything was THE STUPID TITLE! Continue reading

Nerds ‘r’ Us


Nerd Girl

-”OHmagawd I’m such a frickin nerd.Wait, Superman is the guy in the blue tights right?”

Is it just me or does it seem like nowadays all a woman…well, ANYONE has to do is throw on a pair of glasses (with or without lenses) and they can call themselves a NERD? I mean, once upon a time being a nerd actually meant something. You know, like you were intelligent, had quirky hobbies, played video games…things like that. Now its a trend that any ole body can hop on and be labeled as! Now, I wouldn’t mind this if it didn’t feel like in the process of making nerds “cool” I didn’t feel like my identity was being stripped away and packaged into a box and sold to everyone.

I am a comic book reading, superhero movie watching, cartoon loving, Batman boxer brief wearing, funny t-shirt collecting-woman. And I am proud of it! But when I first noticed this new trend I felt like I had to try extra hard to prove myself. To prove that I am the real deal. And other people felt that way as well as they continuously questioned my “geek-dom” by asking me trivia-like questions. I felt like I had to be up to date on all of the latest nerd news so I wouldn’t  be caught slipping on these tough ass nerd streets. One false answer and I would be pimp-smacked with a calculator and made to watch as my comic book collection burned before my eyes. Yes, being a nerd is THAT SERIOUS to REAL nerds in the NERD COMMUNITY. To these faux-nerds it’s all about being cute. But there is nothing cute (well…some of the t-shirts are cute. Oh, and the nerd Hello Kitty is cute, as are some suspenders… I digress!) about being a nerd. I can remember a time when the label of nerd brought wedgies, being thrown in  lockers, eating alone in the lunchroom, being teased and picked on…what’s cute about that?

What real nerds have to go through. Looks like fun, no?

What real nerds have to go through. Looks like fun, no?

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More Red!! The League, Pt. II

This week’s challenge for The League of Extraordinary Bloggers

Photo Assignment: I’m seeing red!

seeing red

Well, I technically fulfilled that with my previous post from yesterday, but somehow I wasn’t satisfied. Here’s the problem… none of the photos posted were anything of mine. I mean, sure, I can try and dig up a copy of Red Sonja or find the comic with that photo of the Robins, but without snapping the photo myself, I’m just playing Peter Parker rather than Jimmy Olsen!! So, with the help of some construction paper and my iPhone camera, here’s Part II of this week’s assignment!

Welp, there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my second go-round with this week’s assignment!

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Classick Cinema: Three O’Clock High (1987)


“At 3PM, It’s Do or Die Time”

You ever have one of those days at school?

In this day and age of anti-bullying campaigns and stop cyber-bullying messages, one has to wonder how the earlier generations made it through adolescence. Growing up during the 80′s, we didn’t have the vigilant awareness of the media, more involved parents and teachers nor even the luxury of an internet to be cyber-bullied over from the comfort of our laptops. Face it– you’d run afoul of  some bigger kid at school and just got plain beat up, usually after the 3 o’clock bell.

The film I’m going to recap (do I really need to post a spoiler alert for a 25 year old movie?) is not your typical 80′s high school movie. Some parts dark comedy, some parts action thriller, Three O’Clock High wasn’t one of the more popular teen movies of the 80′s, but has developed quite a cult following over the years.

Meet Jerry Mitchell, your average high school kid, who’s about to have a very less-than-average day…

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Slither Reviewers!!! Assemble!!


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If you’ve seen the movie already, send us your quickie review of The Avengers and we will consolidate in a post for later this week. Tell us what you liked, didn’t like, favorite parts or what surprised you. Don’t worry about spoilers, as Eclectik has already seen the movie! Think of it as Cold Slither Tomatoes, if you will…
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