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How we spent our superhero movie summer (courtesy of ItsJustSomeRandomGuy)

Well, here we are, Labor Day 2012 is upon us. The “unofficial” end of summer…the kids are either already or headed back to school, all the summer vacations have been had and whatever summer flings you had will likely be regaled to your friends via song. There are some things that we looked forward to this summer, most of all the summer movie season, which also officially ends today.

With blockbuster hits like The Expendables 2, Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, we certainly got more than our fill of butter popcorn-induced fangasm. Here’s a quick look back at the anticipation and returns of the superhero summer movies, by way of videos from the one and only ItsJustSomeRandomGuy on YouTube. He’s become highly famous for his series of “I’m a Marvel/I’m a DC” videos, which have transcended the original “Mac vs. PC” parodies and turned into an ongoing series of hilariously funny send-ups of both comic book universes and their corresponding film releases. If you haven’t seen these before, you’re in for a treat! Hope you enjoy!!

Ways to Screw Up The Avengers Movie

Justice League Trailer (Avengers Style) Parody

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: The Avengers and Batman

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: Spider-Man and…? Part 1

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: Spider-Man and…? Part 2

For more from Random Guy and the Marvel…DC series, check out his YouTube channel. And tell him the Cold Slither Podcast sent ya!

P.S.: Season 3 of the Cold Slither Podcast will return later this month! Stay tuned for an official announcement later in the week! Thanks for your support!

The KLIQ Nation Podcast Ep. 8: Radical Reboots

The recent trend in Hollywood the last 10 years has been to take an established franchise (either from movies, television, comic books, etc.) and modernize it for a new audience.  TimdoggAdam Black, and Mista Bamf take a look at some of the upcoming movie reboots scheduled to hit the big screen in the upcoming months.

We also take a look at the television networks’ new fall lineups.

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The KLIQ Nation Podcast Ep. 7: KLIQNation Assemble! Marvel’s “The Avengers” Review

It’s time for The KLIQ Nation to review the summer blockbuster that’s already surpassed $1 billion dollars at the box office.  No, we’re not reviewing “Think Like a Man”, we’re reviewing Marvel’s The Avengers.  TimdoggAdam Black, and Mista Bamf are joined by Eclectik from the Eclectik Discussion Podcast and Cold Slither Podcast, and loyal listener @iAmBigBen87 to geek out over the biggest superhero comic book movie ever to be assembled!

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Episode 29: Slither Assemble! The Avengers preview show

This episode we welcome bona fide movie reviewers Tank & Fogs from The (title pending) Movie Poodcast to help us review each of the Marvel films leading up to The Avengers movie, which opens in U.S. theaters this coming Friday, May 4th!

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

Earth’s mightiest heroes hit silver screens everywhere this Friday, May 4th!

The Avengers movie… 1952 edition.

This video is a trailer that answers the question of what if Marvel’s “The Avengers” was a movie made in 1952– before the comic book was ever created?

Ivan Guerrero, who had also created a 1950s version of The Empire Strikes Back, has crafted this vintage preview of an Avengers film using bits and pieces from over 50 science fiction movies. This Timely/Atlas Avengers “premake” focuses on the Secret Invasion storyline and includes a roster that’s a mix of the original comic book (Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp, Hulk) and the upcoming Marvel movie (Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury).

Upon first glance, you’d think this was an authentic movie. Even check out the description posted with the video:

“Lost in the annals of time and space, comes this magnificent motion picture of epic proportions. Taking a page from such horror classics as “Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman” and “House of Frankenstein,” Timely Atlas Studios (the precursor to Marvel Studios), created the first superhero movie team-up. “The Avengers” featured an awesome array of characters such as Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man in a larger-than-life battle against evil aliens from the planet Skrull. Face front true believers, this one is for the funny books!”

Here’s a frame-by-frame breakdown of the trailer:


Stay tuned this week for an all-new episode of the Cold Slither Podcast, where we will be discussing the upcoming Avengers movie as well as reviewing all of the Marvel films leading up to the upcoming summer blockbuster!

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Expanding Their Cast For Season 2?

After what has felt like forever, Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes kicks off it’s second season this Sunday, April 1 on Disney XD.  Last season’s cast of Avengers seems to be growing a bit, according to the released image below. (Click image to enlarge)

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What’s in a Name? Misleading cartoon titles…

Image courtesy of M.A.S.K. Movie blog (

Back before the internet was known as “the World Wide Web“, back when it was simply used by colleges and the military, the word spam still meant canned meat product that could have been found in one out of every 10 household pantries in the U.S. (what? you say less than 10? statistics… Bah!). Back in those days, young Classick would have applied the modern day meaning of spam (opening one link and getting something completely different than expected) to some of the unfortunate discoveries made while perusing the local listings.

If I had a TV Guide from the mid-1980s right now I would mark certain listings as spam.

I used to take the TV Guide (or sometimes the TV listings in the back of the Daily News paper) and look up which shows were coming on for the week so I can set up my cartoon watching routine. After missing out on so many cool episodes of shows only to hear about them in school later that week, I was determined to be ahead of the game. Much to my surprise, some familiar names resulted in an early form of TV spam. Here are some titles of cartoon shows that turned out to be different than advertised…




A huge shout-out to friends of the podcast at the M.A.S.K. Movie blog. Go check them out and read up on their efforts to make M.A.S.K. into a live-action film! And listen to their MASKast on buzzsprout when you get a chance… Join the movement!

What it should have been:

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Episode 18: Cold Slither Origins/The Marvel Show feat. Rodimus Prime of The Black Guy Who Tips! (CSP-S2Ep6)

This week, the crew dives into the Marvel Universe, talking about their favorite characters, origins and other such superheroism and supervillainy.
We are joined this episode by a special surprise guest!!! Tune in to find out who joins us!

What is a more memorable Marvel origin than that of the Amazing Spider-man?

Enjoy this classic episode via the free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

Also, to read more about the Cold Slither crew’s own origins, check out this revealing post by contributor Claymation Werewolf!

Disney XD Introduces “Marvel Universe”

Disney XD's "Marvel Universe"

A good friend of mine on Twitter, @D_GMenAllDay, has been inquiring on when season two of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would begin.  We are both big fans of the series and could not wait for it to return to our fall/winter TV schedules.

Disney XD finally announced that Avengers: EMH would return Sunday, April 1.  Spider-Man will also be starring in yet another animated adventure titled Ultimate Spider-Man.  Smartly, Disney XD is capitalizing on this by calling their Marvel-themed programming block “Marvel Universe.”

To continue reading on The KLIQ Nation, please click here.

BONUS Episode 9.5: Under the Tutelage (More Piledriver!! – CSP-EP09.5)

Enjoy this classic episode by accessing it on our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend!

In this BONUS episode of the Cold Slither Podcast, Classick interviews Eclectik one-on-one to go over some of his memories of 80s WWF, including favorite wrestlers, tag teams, overrated and underrated and other topics that he did not have a chance to chime in on during our recent Episode 9 (“Piledriver”, still available to listen!).

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