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Classick Cinema: My pitch for a proper sequel to “Gremlins”

Gremlins Poster 1A few months back, I was a guest on the Nerd Lunch Podcast to talk about comebacks (listen to that show here). As part of the show, each of us named an old 80s property we’d like to see make a comeback and that’s when my wheels started spinning about one of my favorite monster flicks… Gremlins. After two movies in 1984 and 1990, I believe the time is right to introduce a sequel…

I want to put Gremlins 3: (Subtitle to be named later) on a college campus. Why college? Well, not many horror flicks take place on colleges and the width and variety of functions on campus, between departments and parties and dorms and facilities, make for a ton of room for the Gremlins to play. It also brings back the feel of small town Kingston Falls by introducing a community that is somewhat isolated from the rest of society.

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Classick Cinema: Dreamscape (1984-A-Thon)

1984_blogathonThe following is a submission for 1984-A-Thon, a week-long blogging event celebrating greatest movie year ever, hosted Forgotten Films.

For more on the 1984-a-thon, visit their site at


Dreamscape_lgDreamscape (PG-13) is a sci-fi horror cult thriller which stars Dennis Quaid (Innerspace, Footloose, Frequency, Any Given Sunday), Kate Capshaw (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Space Camp, The Quick and the Dead) and legendary actors Max von Sydow (Flash Gordon, Never Say Never Again, Dune, Minority Report, Star Wars Episode VII) and Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, The Insider, Inside Man, Beginners). It was directed by Joseph Ruben, who went on to direct Sleeping With the Enemy, The Good Son, Money Train and The Forgotten.

The premise of Dreamscape is very similar to later reality-bending movies like Disney’s TRON and The Matrix, however I found this movie to be a more direct inspiration for later dream-traversing thrillers such as The Cell and of course Inception.

Two government scientists working  on an experiment recruit a gifted psychic to enter the subconscious minds of patients troubled by ominous dreams.

– Netlix summary

Dreamscape was one of the first movies to receive the newly created PG-13 rating and was released in theaters on August, 15 1984– just five days after the hit action thriller Red Dawn.


Willie from Temple of Doom is in this!


Plummer and von Sydow. Acting legends of stage and screen, side-by-side.

Capshaw and von Sydow play the government scientists Jane DeVries and Dr. Paul Novotny, respectively. Quaid plays Alex Gardner the gifted psychic whom the scientists recruit. He once worked with Dr. Novotny at age 19 and is begrudgingly blackmailed back in almost a decade later. Plummer gives a chilling performance as Bob Blair, the government official who provides funding for the experiments and is apparently very well connected.


David Patrick Kelly can’t help but play the villain.


This film also features other notable names like David Patrick Kelly, who some may know from is role as the long-haired bottle-clinking gang leader from The Warriors. In Dreamscape, Kelly plays Tommy Ray Glatman, another gifted psychic at the facility who sees Alex as a rival. Norm from Cheers, actor George Wendt, is also in this movie, playing horror fiction novelist Charlie Prince, who is secretly investigating the experiments from afar for his next book, yet knows a lot more than meets the eye.


Are those the Twin Towers back there? Too soon!

Dreamscape opens with a nightmare scene that involves a running woman who is vaporized by a nuclear holocaust. It is revealed to be a nightmare of The President of the United States, an underlying plot that becomes the major endgame for the story. This movie has a mix of real world scenes and various dream sequences involving death and destruction, zombies, monstrous nightmares, infidelity, romance and murder.

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Bring back… Inhumanoids (The League)

This post is another late submission to The League of Extraordinary Bloggers– you can consider this one extra credit, if you must…

Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today.
(topic courtesy of Big J over at Nerd Rage Against the Machine)

With the giant monsters vs. mechs movie Pacific Rim on the horizon, now’s a good time for Hasbro to bring back The Evil That Lies Within…



In the style of other Hasbro lines G.I. Joe and Transformers, Inhumanoids was both an animated series and toy line that debuted in 1986. The show was also produced by Sunbow/Marvel and animated by Japan’s Toei Animation. A group of human scientists known as Earth Corps are formed to battle three subterranean monsters, collectively known as the Inhumanoids, who suddenly appear.

The Inhumanoids consisted of three main monsters:

Metlar who resides in the Earth’s core and is able to spit balls of flaming lava.

D’Compose is an undead dinosaur that can corrupt flesh and create zombie-fied monsters out of humans. He has a rib cage in his chest that swings open to trap humans and yells out his name… a lot!

Tendril was my favorite of the monsters– a walking mass of seaweed laden with vine-like tentacles who can regenerate limbs when they are cut, similar to a Hydra. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 53: “New Ditty” a.k.a. “Bucket Nekkid”


Featuring guest Shanta Fabulous, the Cold Slither crew takes on popular, famous, and some infamous, nude scenes in the movies.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

In this episode, we answer a number of revealing questions, including:

What was the first nude scene we saw in a movie?

What are some memorable nude scenes from the 80s? 90s?

What’s your favorite nude scene of all-time?

What are some of  our least favorite nude scenes?

Who would we like to see do a nude scene who hasn’t yet?

Who’s gone nude that we never expected to?

+ much, much more nekkidness talk on deck!!

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Episode 50: C.S.P. Retaliation + BONUS: The crew watches “Cold Slither”

It’s the long-awaited 50th episode of The Cold Slither Podcast! Thank you to our listeners, supporters and contributors!

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

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Slither Madness 2013 Preview: Battle of the Bands field of ???? (need your help)

It’s almost March. For most, that means March Madness, the NC-two-A basketball tourney and lots of hoops, gambling action, bracket predictions and TUMS/Maalox/Immodium/Rolaids/insert your stomach medicine here. But for US here at the Cold Slither Podcast, March means…


wait for it…


wait for it…


Yes, folks, the 2013 edition is upon us and we are getting things in full gear for our brackets, predictions contest, prizes and shows.

This year’s theme will be Battle of the Bands!!

Electric Mayhem new

You got that right, we’re going to pit all the fictional bands of movies, television, cartoons and etc. in a knock-down drag-out Katie-bar-the-door Pier Six Slobberknocker tournament to find out which band is the rockinest band of all motherfuddruckin’ time!!

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Classick Cinema: The Hand (1981)

Sir Michael Caine

The name is synonymous with acting. At age 79, with nearly six decades of acting experience and over one hundred films to his credit, Caine is world-renowned as one of the greats in the game. Over the summer, you’ve seen him reprise his role as Alfred Pennyworth, butler and confidante to Bruce Wayne in the final part of the Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises” (shout-out to “Michael Caine tears“). However, what you may not know is that my introduction to Sir Michael Caine was at the impressionable age of ten years old, and it gave me nightmares!!!

The Dark Knight trilogy would not have happened without the distinguished presence of Sir Michael Caine as Alfred.

In 1981, Caine starred in a suspenseful horror movie titled “The Hand“. Based on a novel called “The Lizard’s Tail”, this film directed by Oliver Stone expanded on a phenomenon witnessed right when the picture starts– why does a detached lizard’s tail continue to twitch? Now we ALL know the scientific reason for that (pipe down, armchair herpetologists!), but for young Classick, watching this movie on VHS (up until then, the only tapes I’ve seen on the then new VCR were “The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller” and the first “Police Academy” movie) found me immediately stunned!

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How we spent our superhero movie summer (courtesy of ItsJustSomeRandomGuy)

Well, here we are, Labor Day 2012 is upon us. The “unofficial” end of summer…the kids are either already or headed back to school, all the summer vacations have been had and whatever summer flings you had will likely be regaled to your friends via song. There are some things that we looked forward to this summer, most of all the summer movie season, which also officially ends today.

With blockbuster hits like The Expendables 2, Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, we certainly got more than our fill of butter popcorn-induced fangasm. Here’s a quick look back at the anticipation and returns of the superhero summer movies, by way of videos from the one and only ItsJustSomeRandomGuy on YouTube. He’s become highly famous for his series of “I’m a Marvel/I’m a DC” videos, which have transcended the original “Mac vs. PC” parodies and turned into an ongoing series of hilariously funny send-ups of both comic book universes and their corresponding film releases. If you haven’t seen these before, you’re in for a treat! Hope you enjoy!!

Ways to Screw Up The Avengers Movie

Justice League Trailer (Avengers Style) Parody

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: The Avengers and Batman

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: Spider-Man and…? Part 1

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: Spider-Man and…? Part 2

For more from Random Guy and the Marvel…DC series, check out his YouTube channel. And tell him the Cold Slither Podcast sent ya!

P.S.: Season 3 of the Cold Slither Podcast will return later this month! Stay tuned for an official announcement later in the week! Thanks for your support!

Diversification of Bonds | Red Bean Dreams

Here on the CSP , we try to feature articles and post from around the internets that we find fascinating. Check out this great write-up by Beauty Jackson from her blog Red Bean Dreams!

The year is 1981.  My four year-old self had just watched Superman kick Zod’s entire ass and it was glorious.  In 1981, Superman was THE superhero movie to see.  It had action, conflict and even romance.  The Christopher Reeve helmed Superman franchise went strong for nine years.  Of course, by the end, it had lost a bit of it’s luster.  (I still haven’t seen all of A Quest for Peace.  I actually act like that movie and Christopher Reeve’s death never happened, as nature intended.) As the fervor for Superman waned, we were reintroduced to Batman.  And not our parents’ Batman either.  There was a darkness that was missing from the campy Adam West era.

Then DC Comics just stopped giving a damn.

Of course your first argument is Batman as we know him today.  What Christopher Nolan has done for the Batman franchise is unparallelled.  I’ll be the first to say that The Dark Knight trilogy thus far has been more than I could ever imagined for any movie, comic book adaptation notwithstanding.  I fully expect him to outdo himself in Dark Knight Rises.  Fully.  I would be shocked if I left that movie disappointed, and I am a person who typically expects the third movie to be a complete turd sandwich.  But this is a rare hit in a series of misses.  DC just can NOT hit the mark when it comes to comic book movies…

Read the rest at Diversification of Bonds | Red Bean Dreams.

Episode 29: Slither Assemble! The Avengers preview show

This episode we welcome bona fide movie reviewers Tank & Fogs from The (title pending) Movie Poodcast to help us review each of the Marvel films leading up to The Avengers movie, which opens in U.S. theaters this coming Friday, May 4th!

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

Earth’s mightiest heroes hit silver screens everywhere this Friday, May 4th!

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