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The Black History of G.I. Joe, pt. 3 (the first four)

Roadblock, as nature intended him to be. Sorry, Dwayne...

Whenever there’s trouble, he’ll stay til the fight’s won… G.I. Joe will dare!

In Part One of our Black History Month feature, we ran off a list of black GI Joe (and Cobra) figures and characters after 1989.

Then came Part Two, where we profiled five earlier African-American Joes, including Iceberg and The Fridge (is it chilly in here?)…

And now, the Cold Slither Podcast Crew is proud to present you with Part Three, as we break down the first four black GI Joes ever made. Once again, a HUGE shout-out to our good buddy JD of General Geekery Cast for helping us round out this roster.

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The Black History of G.I. Joe, pt. 2

Alpine (image via

G.I. Joe is the code name for America’s daring highly trained special mission force. Its purpose: To defend human freedom against Cobra… a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

In Part One of our Black History Month feature, we ran off a list of black GI Joe (and Cobra) figures and characters after 1989.

Here in Parts Two and Three, we will give more attention to the first ten black GI Joes in the history of the toy line. Once again, a HUGE shout-out to our good buddy JD of General Geekery Cast for helping us round out this roster.

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The Black History of G.I. Joe, pt. 1 (1989-present) [photo gallery]

Episode 50: C.S.P. Retaliation + BONUS: The crew watches “Cold Slither”

It’s the long-awaited 50th episode of The Cold Slither Podcast! Thank you to our listeners, supporters and contributors!

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

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Classick Cinema: Six reasons to go and see G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Editor’s note: This preview/spoiler-free review was intended to drop prior to seeing the film, but having an opportunity to see it early, I took it and will have more thoughts coming on our next podcast (CSP EPISODE 50!). If there are any spoiler elements or plot reveals, I have tried to omit or conceal them, but apologize in advance if you get spoiled. Grow up, it’s just a movie!


In 2009, just a couple of years after Hasbro put Transformers on live-action film, G.I. Joe finally made it to the big screen. To say it was long-awaited was an understatement… grown adults were excited to finally see a toy, comic book and cartoon franchise from our childhood finally hit the silver screen. What we got was The Rise of Cobra, one of the worst adaptations ever and more reason to think that Hollywood was purposely seeking to sabotage anything we enjoyed as children. Right after we were treated to The Eiffel Tower being corrupted by green slime and the slow progression of JGL from Duke’s girlfriend’s brother to Cobra Commander, a sequel was announced.

Originally set to release in 2012, G.I. Joe: Retaliation was announced with only some of the cast from the first film returning, a slew of additional characters and cast and new writers. All under the guiding hand of a new director who pretty much guaranteed a better movie. The Rock! Bruce Willis! The Rza! Inspectah Deck! (kidding). All set for June, right? Nope, not even a month sooner, Paramount pulled the plug on the film’s release, announcing a delay in order to convert to 3D and increase marketing in international markets (by the way… screw you, foreigners!).

So… after the same amount of time it takes to carry and deliver an infant, we finally get the long-awaited, long-delayed and much maligned G.I. Joe: Retaliation to hit theaters. Why go see this movie? I’ll tell you why…

1. Better title, better plot, and… Cobra wins!

I had several problems with G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, from Cobra Commander’s origin to how Duke as linked to The Baroness and much in between, but the one thing that got under my skin more than everything was THE STUPID TITLE! Read the rest of this entry

Sweet Rides: Dreadnok Thunder Machine (Team Hellions)

Did you know that Cold Slither Podcast site contributor Claymation Werewolf is a member of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers? Check out this awesome post by his fellow leaguer Kevin Hellions about one of our favorite Cobra vehicles over at the Team Hellions blog!

Its another week for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  This loose knit collection of loose minded bloggers answers a weekly geeky question and then Oooh and Aaah over each other’s brilliant answers.  All of this is maintained by the creator of the League, Brian over at Cool and Collected.

This week’s question!

Besides the Batmobile, what is the sweetest ride cruising the streets of pop culture?

This is a rather tough question for me because, well, I don’t really care about cars.  Could be for many reasons.  I didn’t have any older car obsessed figure in my life while growing up.  I’m hustling this writing dream (by the way fellow League members, I’m more than willing to cross promote with any of you and do guest blogs) and working retail but neither of those things really leads to having enough money for rent, food, internet and a car.

So yeah, the Mystery Machine is cool and so is Ecto-1 and the list could go on  and on.  But they’re just there.  I don’t have that “Wow” feeling for cars.  So I sat down and thought, is there any moment from my childhood that was so cool, so bad ass and involved a car that I still remember it vividly to this day?

There is.

I could picture every scene from this.  Every twist, and turn, and it might be the best car chase I’ve ever seen just next to Death Proof.  (And by the way, if you do care about cars you have to see Death Proof.)  A battle of good vs. evil, a race, a fight, and a game of chicken that risks the lives of everyone.  I remember all of these details over 25 years later.  I am of course talking about the Dreadnoks tank – the Thunder Machine!

Aside from the ninjas, the Dreadnoks were the coolest things in GI Joe.  Bad ass but silly.  Donuts and grape soda.  Plus, you know, chainsaw shotguns.  As fun as they were in the cartoon, there was even more potential for craziness in the comics.  And it happened.  Both sides saw casualties, the stories got more and more complicated and yet page turning intriguing every issue.  Especially issue 51 where the Dreadnoks go toe to toe with the (coincidentally also a toy!) GI Joe’s new vehicle – the HAVOC driven by Cross Country.

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Episode 28: We got The Touch! Yeah!!! The Stan Bush interview

YEAHHHH!!! We are highly honored to present to you this very, very, extremely special episode of the Cold Slither Podcast.
Our special guest for the show is melodic rock icon, Emmy award-winning singer-songwriter and music legend Stan Bush!

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

Stan takes some time out to chat with host Classick and guest-host Rodimus Prime (host of The Black Guy Who Tips podcast) to talk about his songs from Transformers: The Movie, Bloodsport, Kickboxer, the soundtrack to Sailor Moon, Chikara Pro Wrestling and his musical career overall. We also found out about the many television ads that he’s provided vocals and voice-over work for along with many more interesting facts about the man behind “The Touch”. In a career spanning over 3 decades with over 11 studio albums, Stan Bush has reached millions the world over with his songs of determination and triumph. We had a great time speaking with him and learned a lot about how much he’s accomplished from then all the way up through now, as Stan is still putting out awesome music to this day!


On Sunday, May the 6th, Stan Bush will be performing an acoustic set live at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA as a special guest of Styx, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent! Tickets are on sale right now! Event info and tickets are available over here: The Greek – Events Page

Get more information about Stan Bush, keep up with his upcoming appearances and dates and purchase his music at!
Also check out the website for Stan Bush’s record label, L.A. Records at
You can follow Stan Bush on twitter @Stan_Bush.
View Stan Bush’s YouTube channel:

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Episode 22: Generals of Geekery – The Slither Madness Selection Show, pt. 1 (CSP-S2Ep10)

Dreadnok figures custom-created for the CSP crew (from l.) Dirty Dustin, Assclown and Reflux created by JD of General Geekery Cast

With yesterday’s launch of Slither Madness, we thought it only fair to put out a selection show go through the process, predictions contest, selections and first round matchup pairings.

And what better way to do it than with our friends and fellow podcasters JD and Brian of the General Geekery Cast! Join us here in the first part of a two-podcast crossover event. In part one, we talk toys, custom action figures, the custom Dreadnok figures that JD created using ideas submitted by the Cold Slither Podcast crew and a matchup-by-matchup preview of two regions in our Slither Madness tournament.

Listen to part one here and then head on over to General Geekery Cast to hear part 2 of our selection show, where we predict matchups in the next two Slither Madness regions.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive. Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

Top 10 Pop culture Ninjas

… via …

I thought about all the comics, video games, and Cartoons I watched growing up and decided to compite a list of the top 10 Ninjas (Actually I have 25 but I’m posting 10) … Im not counting real life/human actors only fictional pop culture icons … this list took a few factors under consideration:

… not as much a list of who would beat who … that would be a totally different list, anyway …

10 to 1 LETS GET IT

The Top 10 Pop Culture Ninjas

10. Raphael (TMNT)

Raphael, the most volent turtle (and my personal favorite) he gets the nod here over Leonardo because Leo is a wus
Dope Close range weapon means he has to get in gut cha close! lol

9. Elektra (Marvel)

Elektra Natchios goes underrated and overlooked as a Ninja though she really is … a Ninja Assassin at that!
(Never mind that movie … that I still watched twice and kinda like) … and her relations with Daredevil might have had something to do with her placement on the list, but you can fix my list in the comments lol
Yet another Sai rocker, she knows damn near every martial arts discipline and even has some telekinesis … what’s more dangerous than a Ninja WITH telepathy!?!

8. Hiryu (Strider)

The Flying Dragon! The first Video Game character … the first Ninja I remember playing in the arcade
The futuristic ninja rocked the “Cypher” … I dont even know what it was made out of lol
Alls I know is he killed his own sister in the game and went nutso … that’s enough to get him on the list

7. Splinter (TMNT)

Even though he doesn’t really lift a whisker in the cartoon, I couldnt put the other guys ahead of him if he TAUGHT them!
besides he won the Battle Nexus and taught the Foot!
Super Stealth Rat, with Super Smelling

6. Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Not much needs to be said about the Master of Cold, this is Sub Zero II not the one form the original game … but he still has the Spine Rip! It’s hard to beat someone that can literally freeze you in your tracks from the ground, in the air … or just by touching you… he SHOULD be number one but the meere fact that his ice can be “blocked” lol


#unappreciation – The GI Joe Movie and My Childhood

I love G.I. Joe, my favorite Toy, Cartoon, everything … but something tragic happened some 25 years ago

How I remember it … Picture it Ohio 1987 #ephilaPatrillo

The Best thing about the G.I. Joe series was that, it just brought you right into the action … no origin story, no introduction, it was M.A.S.S. Device … here are some people doing something and catch up … boom! It was a grown up thinking- child’s show … you just have to watch and listen and figure out the plot … you saw who was bad, you were allowed to root for who you wanted the whole bit.

The characters fleshed themselves out during the show and throughout the series and they were iconic
Everyone knows Cobra Commander, Destro, Snake eyes, and Duke; Goe fans or not.
Joe fans can point out Shipwreck and Zartan, Scarlet, Lady Jaye, etc etc.
The thing was from ‘Go’ there was a team in place, wasn’t centralizes around one character or anything of the sort

Every episode or mini series, was Cobra trying to do something in an effort to rule the world, didnt even care about necessarily killing anyone or the Joes for that matter, they just wanted to be in power … perfect

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