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Chris Stevens’ first published book is here! Order “I’m Feelin That!: Stories Of Love, Life and Lessons Learned” from amazon.

We here at the CSPN are proud to announce the release of the first published work by author, radio host and our friend Chris Stevens (@CJStarchild).

I’m Feelin That!

Stories Of Love, Life and Lessons Learned

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A compilation of fictional stories, “I’m Feelin That!” is a book that teaches lessons of love, living life and learning from your mistakes. The book contains 12 stories, ranging from lost lottery tickets to a son unaware of his father’s mental illness to friendship going above and beyond the call of duty and romance.

Kindle Edition on sale at Amazon for just $5.00.

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Episode 25: Slither Madness?! Slither MANIA!! (CSP-S2Ep13)

John Cena vs. The Rock headlines WrestleMania. This match was a full year in the making…

This episode the crew runs down the survivors of the SLITHER MADNESS tournament that are now in the Final Four. They are then joined by special guest CJ Starchild, host of the All Subjects Everything radio show, to talk about WrestleMania and their predictions for the outcome for this coming Sunday’s pay-per-view event in Miami.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

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