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Classick Team-Up! #27: The Brandi & Will Show

It’s the triumphant return of an ALL-NEW Classick Team-Up!


Together again for the first time! Classick teams up with longtime friends Brandi B. and William Bruce West as they tackle such topics as how Ra’s al Dolezal re-introduced us to Black Lois Lane & Sean Fury, TV conspiracy theories, Jurassic World, the backdoor pilot to Will & Brandi’s show, and a startling revelation regarding an NBA Hall-of-Famer.

All this, plus an all-blackface edition of #NameThatFlick is waiting for you once you press play!

Listen to Classick Team-Up! Episode 27 – Together Again For the First Time!

This show is also available on iTunes and stitcher radio! Subscribe to the “Cold Slither Podcast Network” today & tell a friend (or a foe)!

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Episode 23: Black Lois Lane – Slither Madness Round 1 in review (CSP-S2Ep11)

Slither Madness is in full swing! Round One polls are being voted on and potential winners to advance to Round Two are becoming more clear.

This episode we’re joined by two first-time guests, Brandi (@thebrandi) and Ben (@iAmBigBen87). We do a matchup-by-matchup review of Round One of our Slither Madness tournament, and discuss other topics like Dwight Howard, the over-overexposure of Wolverine and the time Lois Lane was a black woman.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

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