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Press Start – video game console startups [RVGOTM]

This week, Sony announced that they will be releasing an all-new Playstation 4, the first new video game console in years. Not sure if we’ll be picking this up when it finally comes out, but it takes us back to that feeling of unboxing and plugging in a new system and hearing, seeing and experiencing the startup screen for the first time.

We thought “Hey!! Let’s go back and experience all those system boots from back in the day!” and so here’s one of several videos out on the web of just that.

From NES to Wii, hope you enjoy!

Giving credit where it’s due, this post was originally inspired by a post on the Australian Retro Gamer site. Check ’em out!


Retro Video Game system of the moment: Vectrex (1982)

Back in the old days of video gaming… now I’m talkin’ the pre-NES/Sega days, the Atari 2600/Colecovision days of video gaming…. the best you could get were from the arcade machines and a handful of home computers and home systems, were innovative and exciting. In the early 1980’s, while we owned an Atari 2600 system with just a handful of cartridges, my three cousins lived downstairs from us in a Flatbush, Brooklyn apartment building (their mom, my aunt, owned the building) and some nights my brother and I would sleep over.  I got excited about these sleepovers because just before we actually went to sleep, my oldest cousin Shawn would turn on this plastic mini-TV with a controller pad plugged in at the bottom they had in their room and on would come this opening screen for Vectrex…

Shawn would proceed to play MineStorm, which was the game that came packaged with this system, and the rest of us watched in awe. Yes, the game was basically Asteroids, but the vector graphics of this system, especially played in the dark, were just mesmerizing.

The Vectrex console.

The Vectrex console.

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TGI Friday! A few Links…

I know… not the links you had in mind, right? Hey,what good’s a homonym if you can’t invoke it every now and then? Here are a few links to some things I found fascinating this past week:

The Summer of 8-Bit, via the 8-Bit Animal

If you’ve ever had to blow on a cartridge to play video games, you’ll likely enjoy this series of videos looking back on various 8-Bit titles provided by the aptly named 8-Bit Animal. Check out the Summer of 8-Bit series, for example the review of Stinger below.

Nerdgasm Noire Network

Recently, I was a guest on the Operation Cubicle podcast, talking about keeping cool in the summer heat both in and out of the office. One of the co-hosts of that show, Ms. JP Fairfield, actually hosts another podcast and site along with four other ladies. You heard that right, five women on one podcast talkin’ nerd shit! Well, I checked out the show this week and it was great! You should, too, and enjoy their variety of posts and features while you’re at it. Where’d you think I found out about 8-Bit Animal from?

Andray Blatche Sucks!

Beleaguered Washington Wizards power forward Andray Blatche hasn’t made many friends during his seven years in the D.C. area. Infamous twitter grouch and future guest of an upcoming CSP show Angry Man (@AngryblkmanDC) took a break from telling fools to sit their asses down to craft this site which collects the best of the worst of the player we like to call #BALTCHE!

The Last Dragon Tribute site

When we recorded Episode 34 of our show, “Shogun of Harlem”, to celebrate the film The Last Dragon and talk kung fu movies, I scoured the interwebs for a site that collected information on the film (I call myself doing research every now and then). Oddly enough, I had not seen this site until after we put out the show. Believe me when I tell you that this site has got all the goods on the movie in one place, including whatever happened to the cast, quotes, interviews and news and updates on a possible remake on the horizon. Well, what’re you waitin for, Bruce Leroy? Get the glow and go, already!

“Do Your Dinnertimin'”? What’s up with this Mickey D’s ad?:

Loyal listener and friend of the CSP MeisterShake sent us this vintage McDonald’s print ad that appears to have been done in the late 70’s or early 80’s. The ad seems to be geared towards African Americans and I’m guessing it was probably in Ebony or Jet magazine at the time.The photo itself doesn’t seem that offensive at all (shout-out to the lady on the left who looks a lot like Sheryl Lee Ralph [a.k.a. Moesha’s mom, for you youngsters who don’t remember “It’s A Living“]).

But what really made me say “Hold up!” and want to call up Rev. Al Sharpton was the caption at the bottom. “Do Your Dinnertimin'”? Look, I’ve spoken some jive in my younger days, but I’ll be damned if I or my father before me ever referred to the evening meal as “dinnertimin'”! And we damn sure never partook in “anytimin'” either. Chick-fil-A may give money to groups that are anti-gay marriage, but they’ve never resorted to stereotypes to insult a race of people in their advertisements like this! Shorty is eyeing this random stranger’s cheeseburger a bit hard, though. FOH, McDonald’s!

The many origins of Spider-man

2012 marks 50 years of everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. With his latest film “The Amazing Spider-Man” coming out in a few days, Spidey is getting quite a bit of attention of late. This article posted at Comic Book Resources looks at the many versions of Spider-man’s origin story, as depicted in the comics, television, the movies, etc. I found it fun when they even went into the origin story from the 70’s TV series starring Nicholas Hammond! And shout-out to Tootie’s mom, but don’t leave any irons plugged in around her!

Cartoon Closets

All credit for this find is due to JCorduroy, who posted this on twitter just this morning (Ed. Note: make sure you give his show about HeroClix, Push to Regen, a listen!). For you ladies, and maybe some of you fellas, I don’t know, you can piece together a fashion ensemble to resemble your favorite cartoon characters! This blog is creatively run by B for Bel and contains links to purchase the actual garments used if you really want to get serious about pulling of a Wonder Woman, Shaggy, Iron Man, Jane Jetson or Papa Smurf outfit!

Cosplays with Color

People doing cosplay who happen to be black. And other races, I’m sure. For you fanboys that like to look at women dressed up as cartoon or comic book characters, or maybe you do yourself! And yes, some of them are hellooooooo nurse!

Atari: When My Parents Actually Liked Video Games

Also inspired by the folks at Operation Cubicle, this blog post can be found on host Shareef Jackson’s blog. Similar to our 8-bit Podcast episode, Shareef looks back on the Atari 2600 game system and library, noting that this was also a time when  “fun for the whole family” held more meaning to him. Let’s face it, what is your mother more likely to play? Ms. Pac Man or Call of Duty: Black Ops?

Well, that’s all the links I have to share for now. If you see anything that you want us to share with our readers, by all means send it our way! Enjoy the weekend, folks. And don’t blow your hand off with them fireworks next week!


Classick Material enjoys playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and is currently watching the critically acclaimed television series “The Wire” for the first time ever. He’s up to season 3 and realizes now why everyone says “Fuck Stringer Bell”. He also co-hosts the Cold Slither Podcast with two other guys, whose names are not important right now. Send all tweets to @classickmateria.

Episode 14: Slither 2600/The 8-Bit Podcast (CSP-S2Ep2)


The CSP is back & taking you back with them to the early 80’s as they reminisce on the awesome library of the Atari 2600! The Atari 2600 VCS was a staple in the homes of nearly every child of the early 80’s up until Nintendo & Sega came along. The second half of the show, the crew talks about video-game themed cartoons and TV shows, such as Pac-Man, Saturday Supercade and Captain N. So plug in your joysticks and paddle controllers and join the fun!

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

Vote in our poll!

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Classick holiday TV ads

Back in the 80s, if you weren't gettin your electronics from Crazy Eddie's you had to be... IINNNSSAAAANNNEE!!

The most wonderful time of the year is HERE! ChristmaKwanzaHannuFestivusWinterSolstice is upon us! Here at the Cold Slither Podcast, we like to look back at some of the holiday themes and times of yester-year, and what better way to do that than to scour the Youtubes? Check out these gems and  comment on your faves and some others we might have missed! (+ check  back often for updates to this post!)

The debut of the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 80s meant there was an average of 16.3 “Mommy, can we go to Toys’R’Us?” requests per household per hour.

and who can forget Laser Tag???

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