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Tell-a-Phone-y [slideshow]

News broke yesterday of Apple’s upcoming release of the latest versions of their i-tech, including iPhone 5, a new iPod touch, a new iPod nano, the new iVana Humpalot and so on….

Well, we being the old-schoolers that we are, you can imagine one of the first questions we asked about the upcoming iPhone wasn’t about screen resolution or increased retinal aperture or 4G LTE or whatever else the kids & techies are all wetting their pants over… it’s can this damn thing still make telephone calls? At the end of the day, all most of us want is a phone, right?

Here’s a look back at some favorite phones over the years. If you spot any that you used to have, or maybe you think your parents or grandparents had growing up, hit up the comments below!

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The KLIQ Nation Podcast Ep. 6: News You Need To Know

When you’re feeling out of the loop, there’s only one news source you need to turn to.  And that is news provided to you by The KLIQ Nation!  TimdoggAdam Black, and Mista Bamf discuss who is the newest WWE superstar to be suspended, box office results, latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, and plenty of TV talk.

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