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Classick Team-Up #06: ShezCrafti

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast

Once again, it’s time for some Classick Team-Up!

For the sixth episode of this one-on-one interview series, Classick sits down to chat with Jaime Hood a.k.a. “ShezCrafti“– a gamer, girl and geek who is a huge TMNT fan and a co-host of the Cult Film Club podcast.

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In this episode, Classick and ShezCrafti bounce around a slew of topics, such as:

  • The Cult Film Club
  • “Zapped!” & “Airborne”
  • Origins of “shezcrafti”
  • Etsy girls
  • Membership in The League of Extraordinary Bloggers
  • Zoobilee Zoo
  • Ben Vereen’s abandonment
  • Blogging on
  • People who’ve never seen “The Goonies”
  • Growing up with hands-off parenting
  • Teen sex movies, porn channels and bootleg movies
  • Cycling through top movies lists
  • Never seen “Jurassic Park”
  • Classick role-play
  • Future of the Chunk
  • Connection to The Bionic Woman
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fangirl-ism
  • Raph vs. Leo
  • 25+ Years of TMNT infographic (
  • Introduction to TMNT
  • The TMNT movies
  • The TMNT movie soundtrack
  • Spunkadelic: “9.95” “Creatures of Habit”
  • Love for MC Hammer
  • Sleepover in the Foot clan hideout

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Episode 36: “Frederick Douglass – Zombie Killa!” / Save the TMNT! (a CSP freestyle show)

It’s the episode you never asked for but always secretly wanted… ANOTHER CSP FREESTYLE SHOW! In this episode, anything goes and any topic or anyone will get talked about, praised, pontificated on and ultimately trashed! The show title is just one of the many things we cover in this exciting episode!

Film: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1

As soon as it was announced that Michael Bay set his sights on ruining the TMNT, Jay Curd sprung into action…

But first, Classick recently had the privilege to interview Jamie “Jay” Curd, the man behind the facebook page and movement called “SAVE THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Stay Away Bay!” With the recent news of Paramount Studios intending to release a ‘reboot’ of the TMNT franchise, employing embattled Transformers director Michael Bay to the project and announcing that the turtles may have alien origins and may not be teenage nor ninja, Jay and others have mobilized on social media in order to rally longtime fans in support of the legacy of TMNT. We find out some interesting things about Jay and the movement, and also discuss some of his favorites among TMNT.


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Editor’s note: As of recording this, we were not aware that there was already an online parody created titled “Frederick Douglass Zombie Slayer”. Check out the YouTube clip here!

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Episode 33: Slither Adventures – ‘The Disney Afternoon’ show

Break out your Junior Woodchuck guidebooks!

This episode, guest co-host Claymation Werewolf (a.k.a. “Rhett Khan”) fills in for Tim Dogg as the crew review the cartoon phenomenon known as “The Disney Afternoon”. Later in the show, J.D., one half of the “General Geekery Cast“, joins in on the fun!

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

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Episode 32: Double Dribble… The NBA in the 80’s and 90’s feat. All Balls Don’t Bounce

For our 32nd episode, also referred to as Episode Magic Johnson, we welcome the hosts of All Balls Don’t Bounce and TSN Radio 1 on 1 Podcast, “Wall $treet” Will Strickland and Duane “Sweets” Watson. We are honored to have the Weapons of Media Deconstruction join us as we look back on professional basketball in the NBA, first in the 1980’s and then in the 1990’s. In each decade we discuss the most memorable rivalries, games, Finals and players as well as review feedback from our listeners for each decade.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

Episode 25: Slither Madness?! Slither MANIA!! (CSP-S2Ep13)

John Cena vs. The Rock headlines WrestleMania. This match was a full year in the making…

This episode the crew runs down the survivors of the SLITHER MADNESS tournament that are now in the Final Four. They are then joined by special guest CJ Starchild, host of the All Subjects Everything radio show, to talk about WrestleMania and their predictions for the outcome for this coming Sunday’s pay-per-view event in Miami.

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Episode 24: My Slither Sweet 16 (CSP-S2Ep12)

The Scarlet Spider wore a hoodie. However, he could also defend himself. RIP Trayvon Martin.

The CSP crew are BACK with a brand new episode! This week, they are joined by first-time guests Dave Nappy (@davenappy) and Rhett Kahn, a.k.a. The Claymation Werewolf (@claymationhowl) to talk about the “Sweet 16” finalists in our SLITHERMADNESS tournament.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

Episode 21.5: Cobra-La – The All-Ladies Show, pt. 2 (CSP-S2Ep9.5)

Salt-n-Pepa is one of the favorites of our all-ladies roundtable.

The ladies have taken over the Cold Slither Podcast this week!

This episode is part two of their roundtable discussion from a fully female perspective, featuring special returning guests Shirley Huang, Esq., Keshia Holt of Ring Time Pro Wrestling, Karen a.k.a. Say Dat Again of The Black Guy Who Tips podcast and, making her podcasting debut, special guest host Mrs. Classick a.k.a. “The Chatty Professor”!

In this show, the ladies talk reminisce on their favorite music artists, songs and music videos growing up. There’s also the first ever All-Ladies Sharkticon Pit!
In case you missed part one, where the ladies are introduced and talk toys, tv shows and fashion, catch up here.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

Make sure you also check out this look back at girl versions of popular 80s toys designed for boys in “The Girl Version.” posted by contributor Claymation Werewolf!

Did Mary J Blige Kill R&B?

eclectik of the Cold Slither Podcast very own Podcast!

… Even though I’m Cold Slither 4 – Life, sometimes I have more things to say, thus ….

EDP – 01 Did Mary J Blige kill R&B?

Can the recent trends in music (For better or for worse) be traced back to Mary J Blige’s debut “What’s the 411?”
I certainly think so, join me and @12Kyle from 12Radio Show where we discuss Mary’s influence on R&B and Soul music and the difference in the genre from the 80’s the 90’s and now
Is it the same? Is it Better/Worse? Where is it heading?
Are Rappers who sing Hip Hop or Pop?
Is What’s the 411 and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Hip Hop albums or R&B?
All that and more on the show … give it a listen

Read more, Listen, and Download here

Remembering Whitney Houston (tributes)

On the eve of The Grammy’s, the world lost one of its greatest singers and pop stars, unexpectedly and sadly. Rather than get into a full on eulogy or analysis of her career or cause of death, we’ll let tell it…

Remembering Whitney Houston.

Our good friends at Rediscover the 80s posted an obituary that provides a fine retrospective of Whitney’s career. Check that out here.

Finally, if you wish to check out a great radio tribute to Whitney Houston, please check out this special episode of the All Subjects Everything show on blogtalkradio, hosted by our good buddy Chris Stevens.

Your comments and memories are welcome below…

Rest in peace, Whitney.

Operation, Sorry & The Pop-O-Matic Bubble… board game randomness

Operation! Greg Oden special edition coming soon!

News came out today that beleaguered and oft-injured NBA player Greg Oden is scheduled to have even more knee surgery. Not sure why, but it brought to mind one of my favorite board games growing up, Operation!!!

Operation was a fun game because you had to be very skilled with that electronic tweezers to extract funny little bones and rubber bands from a fictitious body that looked like Moe from the Three Stooges. And I can’t reminisce on Operation without recalling the zany wacky commercial and that jingle…. “OPERATIOOOON!! You’re the doctor, it’s so much fun!”

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