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Totally Krossed Out (RIP “Mac Daddy” Chris Kelly)

It’s all over the news. We first heard about the death of Chris Kelly, one half of rap duo Kris Kross, on twitter by way of Big Boi from Outkast.

There’s speculation that it was from a drug overdose. People for years used to think one or both of them had cancer. Rumors aside, Kris Kross was a huge part of the early 90s pop culture.

Hitting the mainstream in 1992 with their hit song “Jump”, the two Chrises (Kelly as “Mac Daddy”  and Chris Smith “Daddy Mac”)  debuted as not “just another bad little fad” — a play on words and a shot at popular rival child act “Another Bad Creation“.  At only 13 or 14 years old, the duo, produced by Jermaine Dupri, became an overnight success– the backwards clothes, the twists in their hair, the superfast “miggedy miggedy” lines in their raps– kids (and some grown folk) alike ate it up! Eventually they put out some other jams like “Warm It Up, Kris”, “I Missed The Bus”, “It’s a Shame”, “Alright” featuring Super Cat, and “Tonite’s Da Nite”. The group held on for a few more years until breaking up in the late 90’s.

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Kris Kross even appeared on an episode of “A Different World” as two at-risk students of Dwayne Wayne who are eventually taught to stop the violence (fast-forward to Dwayne getting roughed up at the 2:24 mark, then their stage performance of “It’s a Shame” at “The Pit” at the 7:29 mark.

Here’s another throwback… an epic appearance of Kris Kross, Marky Mark (kids, that’s Mark Wahlberg’s rapper name) and TLC (RIP left-Eye) all together on The Oprah Winfrey Show from about 1992 (or ’93, we forget)!

RIP Mac Daddy.

Classick Team-Up #06: ShezCrafti

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast

Once again, it’s time for some Classick Team-Up!

For the sixth episode of this one-on-one interview series, Classick sits down to chat with Jaime Hood a.k.a. “ShezCrafti“– a gamer, girl and geek who is a huge TMNT fan and a co-host of the Cult Film Club podcast.

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In this episode, Classick and ShezCrafti bounce around a slew of topics, such as:

  • The Cult Film Club
  • “Zapped!” & “Airborne”
  • Origins of “shezcrafti”
  • Etsy girls
  • Membership in The League of Extraordinary Bloggers
  • Zoobilee Zoo
  • Ben Vereen’s abandonment
  • Blogging on
  • People who’ve never seen “The Goonies”
  • Growing up with hands-off parenting
  • Teen sex movies, porn channels and bootleg movies
  • Cycling through top movies lists
  • Never seen “Jurassic Park”
  • Classick role-play
  • Future of the Chunk
  • Connection to The Bionic Woman
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fangirl-ism
  • Raph vs. Leo
  • 25+ Years of TMNT infographic (
  • Introduction to TMNT
  • The TMNT movies
  • The TMNT movie soundtrack
  • Spunkadelic: “9.95” “Creatures of Habit”
  • Love for MC Hammer
  • Sleepover in the Foot clan hideout

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How to wear a ball cap the old school way, featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff [The League]

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers have struck again with this week’s assignment:

Write a step-by-step guide on how to do something. This could be a real world project or a fantastical one, so do with it as you will.

Considering my other league posts were rooted in imagination, I’m going to take the real world practical approach with this one. Allow me to play the old man on the porch telling you rascals to get offa his lawn for a minute and mention that I’ve noticed something wrong with the way these youngsters wear their hats nowadays.

Take a look at this and tell me what’s wrong with this photo?

Mark this date down… the ONLY time you’ll ever see Wiz Khalifa on this website…

Other than the obvious, my biggest gripe about it is YO, WHASSUP WITH YOUR HAT, SON?!!

Are you a part-time 18-wheel big rig trucker on the weekends? Did you just get drafted and had to shake hands with David Stern when you got that cap? If your answer to both of those questions is no, then you have no excuse for this kind of behavior.

Unless you just got selected in the first round, the bill of your hat shouldn’t be as flat as Paris Hilton’s backside…

IN MY DAY, there was a universally acceptable method for donning a ball cap. (*Note: Also in my day, snap-backs were still cool, but now it’s all about the fitteds from what these young bucks tell me.) Where did these kids lose their way?

Well, with the help of hip hop pioneer DJ Jazzy Jeff, we’re gonna show you how to properly wear a ball cap, circa 1992:

How to wear a ball cap the old school way

featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff in a 1992 Starter ad

Click to play the video below and read on!

1. First you grab the hat

Easy enough, right? Let’s move on…

2. Then you GRIP the hat

VERY IMPORTANT STEP HERE! You don’t just grab a hat fresh out of your Foot Locker bag and put it on. What are you, raised by wolves? No, sir/ma’am, put a nice grip on the bill of that cap! Take each hand and put it on either side of the front edge of the brim and bend it downward ever so slightly. Repeat a few times, make a nice curved arc of that brim!

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Listen to Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 3: X-Men: The Animated Series (

X-Men Animated Series

On this episode of the Comic Book Chronicles, TimDogg98 is joined by Rachel (@getoffmyplanet) to take a trip down memory lane to visit X-Men:  The Animated Series.  Even though Rachel didn’t read the comic books growing up, she is a big fan of the animated series’ and movies.

Listen as they discuss the show, find out which characters were Rachel’s favorites, and some other animated series she favored.

Recorded on August 2, 2012

Summary of items discussed:

X-Men:  The Animated Series

How did Rachel get into X-Men TAS?
History of X-Men TAS
Gargoyles tangent
Favorite characters, storylines or moments
Rachel’s love of Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls

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Listen to Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 3: X-Men: The Animated Series – available on

Episode 36: “Frederick Douglass – Zombie Killa!” / Save the TMNT! (a CSP freestyle show)

It’s the episode you never asked for but always secretly wanted… ANOTHER CSP FREESTYLE SHOW! In this episode, anything goes and any topic or anyone will get talked about, praised, pontificated on and ultimately trashed! The show title is just one of the many things we cover in this exciting episode!

Film: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1

As soon as it was announced that Michael Bay set his sights on ruining the TMNT, Jay Curd sprung into action…

But first, Classick recently had the privilege to interview Jamie “Jay” Curd, the man behind the facebook page and movement called “SAVE THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Stay Away Bay!” With the recent news of Paramount Studios intending to release a ‘reboot’ of the TMNT franchise, employing embattled Transformers director Michael Bay to the project and announcing that the turtles may have alien origins and may not be teenage nor ninja, Jay and others have mobilized on social media in order to rally longtime fans in support of the legacy of TMNT. We find out some interesting things about Jay and the movement, and also discuss some of his favorites among TMNT.


Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

Editor’s note: As of recording this, we were not aware that there was already an online parody created titled “Frederick Douglass Zombie Slayer”. Check out the YouTube clip here!

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Tube-a-Ruba II: Even more YouTube favorites!

We’re back with even more favorite videos from our YouTube adventures! But before we get started, let’s kick the theme song!

I don’t skydive, I don’t scuba
But I can really Tuba Ruba!

Nothing’s more fun than surfing YouTube for videos, and what better way to post our faves than to put them here in one place? Welcome to the second edition of our YouTube favorites, collected here for your enjoyment!

Eddie Murphy’s Bear and Rabbit Joke from Delirious

Comedy legend Eddie Murphy at the peak of his career. “Delirious” was like the year Michael Jordan shot the lights out against the Trailblazers in the finals and just shrugged at the end, it was that good.

This joke was funny as hell and it later set the stage for the opening skit joke for his second stand-up film “Raw” (shout-out to Deon Richmond, a.k.a. “Bud” from The Cosby Show)

Sidekicks – 80s TV action series with Gil Gerard and Ernie Reyes, Jr.

Recently, our good friends at UnderScoopFIRE did a podcast titled “Sidekicks” which, unfortunately, wasn’t about this epic 80’s show like I thought it would be, but about the greatest sidekicks in history, ranging from Dr. Watson to Mister Spock and everyone in between. But if we’re talking 80s sidekicks, you can go no further than this short-lived action series, which paired middle-aged Sgt. Jake Rizzo (played by Gil Gerard, of Buck Rogers fame) with fast-kicking child phenom Ernie Lee (played by Ernie Reyes, Jr. of The Last Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Surf Ninjas fame… yes, I said Surf Ninjas!). The show was a spin-off of a one-time Disney Channel special “The Last Electric Knight” where Ernie Lee was introduced as the last heir to a martial arts clan. The pairing was a forebear to such cop-and-karate pairings we later saw in the “Rush Hour” series of films. This series lasted 23 episodes on The Disney Channel and ABC back in 1986-7.

And here’s a clip of Ernie kicking the crap out of a rogue street gang led by acting great Don Cheadle! Also notice the presence of one Jason Hervey, who’s well known among Wonder Years and WCW & TNA wrestling fans.

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Episode 33: Slither Adventures – ‘The Disney Afternoon’ show

Break out your Junior Woodchuck guidebooks!

This episode, guest co-host Claymation Werewolf (a.k.a. “Rhett Khan”) fills in for Tim Dogg as the crew review the cartoon phenomenon known as “The Disney Afternoon”. Later in the show, J.D., one half of the “General Geekery Cast“, joins in on the fun!

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

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Episode 32: Double Dribble… The NBA in the 80’s and 90’s feat. All Balls Don’t Bounce

For our 32nd episode, also referred to as Episode Magic Johnson, we welcome the hosts of All Balls Don’t Bounce and TSN Radio 1 on 1 Podcast, “Wall $treet” Will Strickland and Duane “Sweets” Watson. We are honored to have the Weapons of Media Deconstruction join us as we look back on professional basketball in the NBA, first in the 1980’s and then in the 1990’s. In each decade we discuss the most memorable rivalries, games, Finals and players as well as review feedback from our listeners for each decade.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

Episode 25: Slither Madness?! Slither MANIA!! (CSP-S2Ep13)

John Cena vs. The Rock headlines WrestleMania. This match was a full year in the making…

This episode the crew runs down the survivors of the SLITHER MADNESS tournament that are now in the Final Four. They are then joined by special guest CJ Starchild, host of the All Subjects Everything radio show, to talk about WrestleMania and their predictions for the outcome for this coming Sunday’s pay-per-view event in Miami.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

Moron Madness Part 2! The Foolish Four

Editor’s note: This is part two of our Moron Madness series. If you desire, go check out part one, the Sitcom Showdown with all the Simpleton Sixteen and Eeedjit Eight matchups.

Coverage has been intense for this years Moron Madness and I’m sure all the idiots in the contest would like to thank each and every one of you for cheering on your favorite dolt. While not everyone can be a champion all of our competitors are shamefully stupid in their own unique and wonderful ways. Now without any further pomp and circumstance I present part two of Claymation Werewolf’s Moron Madness Tournament!

Balki vs. Joey

There has been a lot of trash talk between these two highly trained competitors throughout this entire tournament and tonight, the rivalry was settled once and for all.
Joey’s opening volley of stupidity and confusion was truly breathtaking. Balki countered with idiocy of his own, paired with an astounding misunderstanding about how the world worked. Hurling insults that didn’t even make sense in his home country, Balki began to show the crowd why this simple, hometown boy from Mypos, was in the foolish four.
Midway through the game, Joey became distracted by his adoring female fans and the reporters from Tiger Beat and Seventeen Magazine. The young athlete began smiling and mugging for the crowd. Striking poses and trying to be cool he completely lost track of his idiot roots pulling what they refer to in the sport as an “Eddie Winslow.”
By the end of the third quarter he was desperately behind in points and started erratically throwing out “Whoa!” and “Whoa!” but it was no use Balki Bartokomous walks over Joey Russo like a sheep herder over a pile of mud.
124-73 Balki advances to the “Chump”ionship

Dauber vs. Rose

The battle that everyone in the Midwest has been eagerly anticipating; the famed “War of Minnesota!” Both contestants came out strong Rose misunderstanding the referee’s opening instructions which resulted in hilarious wacky hijinks. Dauber countered with his trademark vacant stare and battle cry of “Uhhhh”
Rose began to work the finesse, tying in pointless stories with confused dumb blonde moments and self deprecating humor but Dauber was ready. Using his 9 years as a college athlete paired with his year as a coaches assistant; he quickly put together an amazing competitive strategy sure to completely turn the tides of the match!
Upon doing this he was immediately disqualified for excessive forethought and logic and Rose Walks away with the victory.
88-68 Rose Nylund advances to the “Chump”ionship

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