The Black History of G.I. Joe, pt. 3 (the first four)


Roadblock, as nature intended him to be. Sorry, Dwayne...

Whenever there’s trouble, he’ll stay til the fight’s won… G.I. Joe will dare!

In Part One of our Black History Month feature, we ran off a list of black GI Joe (and Cobra) figures and characters after 1989.

Then came Part Two, where we profiled five earlier African-American Joes, including Iceberg and The Fridge (is it chilly in here?)…

And now, the Cold Slither Podcast Crew is proud to present you with Part Three, as we break down the first four black GI Joes ever made. Once again, a HUGE shout-out to our good buddy JD of General Geekery Cast for helping us round out this roster.

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The Black History of G.I. Joe, pt. 2

Alpine (image via

G.I. Joe is the code name for America’s daring highly trained special mission force. Its purpose: To defend human freedom against Cobra… a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

In Part One of our Black History Month feature, we ran off a list of black GI Joe (and Cobra) figures and characters after 1989.

Here in Parts Two and Three, we will give more attention to the first ten black GI Joes in the history of the toy line. Once again, a HUGE shout-out to our good buddy JD of General Geekery Cast for helping us round out this roster.

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The Black History of G.I. Joe, pt. 1 (1989-present) [photo gallery]

Heavy Duty, released in 1991.

G.I. Joe – America’s daring, highly-trained special mission force!
Cobra – A ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world!

As we come upon the last day of February, which is recognized in the United States as Black History Month (honestly, 2012 had the worst BHM ever), it seemed only fitting that we, being a site and podcast run by G.I. Joe fans, recognize the presence of blacks in the annals of G.I. Joe lore. This was a daunting task, one that seemed a bit much considering how the floodgates opened on black Joe and Cobra characters, so we asked our newest contributor JD of the General Geekery Cast  to give us an assist.

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Happy “Valentines” Day from the Cold Slither Podcast!!!


Ladies, be forewarned… “Be My Valentine” could mean WWF Hall-of-Fame wrestler Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.

Oh… did you think we meant the typical sappy lovey-dovey hearts, flowers & candy type of Valentine’s Day? Ohhhh  no, this ain’t no day where we recognize you couples in love out there… THIS day is a celebration of various awesome Valentines that have nothing to do with the sappy sentiment known as “love” — let’s celebrate today Cold Slither Style!!

UPDATE!!! Vote for your favorite Valentine in our poll!

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Hazards of Summer: Week 6. Boombox wielding punks!

This week I want to warn you about a summer hazard you may have very well overlooked. One you might pass by every single day and not think twice about it. A menace, hidden right out in the open that could be putting you and the ones you love in danger.

Boombox wielding punk guys.

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Claymation Werewolf’s Summer Hazards Week 5: Street Sports.

People play sports in the street.


Okay, I hear what you’re saying, whoa whoa CW…before you go into the whole street thing you are gonna need to explain “people play sports.”
I know it’s hard for classy sophisticates like us (by which I mean delicate and/or lazy people) to understand, there are those who find joy in going outside and engaging in high intensity, highly competitive, feats of athleticism that often results in personal injury, or even worse…getting sweaty.


I don’t like it any more than you do. The whole thing gives me the creeps to be quite honest. Physical activity? I don’t even like those rare occasions that I have to get up from the safety of my computer to get another bottle of sparkling mineral water. But…some people like that sort of thing so there you go.


Now, normally people play these sports in some kind of arena, gymnasium-field rink sort of a thing but occasionally these are unavailable. Presumably because of other people doing sports stuff on them at the time. And the athletes are forced to do their sports right in the middle of the road. Ive heard about this “street sport” thing happening. I’ve seen it in film. On a few instances, I’ve actually witnessed it with my own eyes (from the safety of an air conditioned house, obviously) But I need you to understand that this IS real.

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Hazards of Summer Week 4: Swimsuit Season.

“Swimsuits. I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee.”
-Tybalt (Romeo and Juliet)


This week’s summer hazard is one that I’m sure, hits pretty close to home for a lot of us. It can extinguish joy, crush self esteem and bring about a sense of dread in even the most happy-go-lucky person. To make matters worse, we bring most of the pain and fear on ourselves…each and every Swimsuit Season.

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Hazards of Summer Week Three: Killer Bees!!


In my conversations with other members of the retro pop culture journalism community, we often talk about our childhood. To be more specific, we ONLY talk about our childhood. Often the topic strays away from the carefree subjects of toys, cartoon and vintage cereal and creeps into less happy places. What scared us and more importantly what scared the whole of these United States of America when we were young? It seems universal, that people I talk to always name one thing; commies. The communists, specifically Russia was a huge threat and it seemed like, for these folks, the possibility of nuclear war was always just around the corner.

This tells me two things about them. One: Man, they’re old! Two: they didn’t live the kind of down and dirty, street level, salt of the earth existence I did as a kid. You see, when I was a lad, the Russians were basically reduced to cheesy movie villains, the globe still labeling them “The USSR”, and this guy:


What I’m trying to say is that the fear that haunted those moments of childhood introspection for me wasn’t the Red Scare. It was the Orange and Black Scare. I’m talking about KILLER BEES.

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